5 Tips to Prevent the Common Cold

It's that time of year, cold season. The common cold can ravage day to day lives, sneezing, coughing, sore throats and fevers galore. While the common cold is highly contagious there are several things you can do today to help fight the chances of catching it. These tips to fight off a cold are easy to accomplish and being able to get through the year without catching one is a great feat, so start the battle today by getting a little bit more exercise.

1. Get Some Exercise

Regular exercise can help build your immune system, and of course help you keep fit. Aside from helping prevent the acquisition of a cold, if you have found yourself already suffering from one, a little exercise has been proven to help those with a cold feel better faster, but only if you're able to.

2. Don't Stress

If you're able to let the small stuff slide theres a lot better chance that you won't have to deal with coughing and wheezing this winter. The longer you're stressed out the more likely you are to end up catching a cold if exposed to the bug, but studies suggest the stress usually needs to be persistent for a month or more.

3. Be Social

The more you mingle the less likely you'll stay out of a relationship, with a cold that is. Larger social settings and relationships mean you're going to be exposed to more cold germs which allows your immunity system to get pumped up to fight off new strands.

4. Stay Hydrated

Your body needs fluids in order to properly operate, specifically water. Be sure to constantly hydrate yourself at all times of the year, but especially if you're trying to fight off illness. Dehydration can cause vitamin C to crystallize in the kidney stones and bladder, creating stones.

5. Get Some Sleep

Studies show that those who sleep more than 8 hour of sleep a night are less likely to catch a cold than those who get 7 or less hours. Even minor hiccups in your sleep pattern, waking up 10-45 minutes earlier than usual once a week can actually increase your chances of catching a cold. So rest easy!

For more tips on how to fight a cold in Louisville contact Dr. Lawrence Rueff, MD. The personal physician will be able to diagnose and help relieve colds as well as develop plans to help prevent the catching of a cold. For personal health care in Louisville give Lawrence Rueff, M.D. a call at (502) 287-1599. He specializes in preventative and internal medicine to help you stay healthy everyday!

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