Hot Tips to Avoid Holiday Sickness!

The amount of time people spend in close quarters with large crowds grows immensely during the holiday season. Spending time at shopping centers, family gatherings and on airplanes can all greatly increase your chances of contracting some kind of sickness such as the flu, colds and sore throats. However there are a few things you can do to minimize your chances of needing some serious downtime for your body during the season that is suppose lift your spirits higher than any other!

Don't Stop Exercising

While it may be tough to get that daily jog in that felt so good in the summertime, even minimal amounts of exercise can help boost your immune system. Exercise all reduces the production of stress hormones and it is a great natural anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and a wonderful sleeping aid for lots of folks in different situation.

Avoid Places Germs Thrive

During the winter people often take their activities and exercising indoors, signing up for gym memberships, spending more time in communal spaces such as coffee shops and of course heading to the malls. While it may be impossible to never have to head to these places you can carry sanitizing wipes to use on gym equipment, shopping baskets, tables and other high traffic items.

Practical Health Tips

It is a great idea to constantly wash your hands with warm soapy water for 30 seconds following any interaction with other people. Also be sure to cough or sneeze into a sleeve and not your hands, which will lead you to contaminating things and people you touch!

Stress Reduction

Waiting to the last minute to complete your holiday shopping can be a major pain, physically and emotionally. Take care of holiday chores early because stress can harm your immune system and cause you trouble sleeping.

Keep a Healthy Diet

While the treats and drinks may be tempting try to keep tabs on your intake of goodies. An unhealthy diet is a very quick way to induce not only season health issues, but ones that can last much longer!

If you want more ideas for holiday healthcare in Louisville give Dr. Lawrence Rueff a call at (502) 287-1599 today! As a personal physician in Louisville Dr. Rueff will work one on one with you so that you can meet all your health goals as well provide regular checkups and other internal medicine. Call today to schedule an appointment to get a jumpstart on your holiday health!

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