5 Benefits of a Personal Physician in Louisville

Personal Physician in Louisville - Dr. Rueff, MDIf you're looking for a healthcare plan that focuses on taking care of you instead of taking care of all your money, consider hiring a personal physician as an alternative to visiting hospitals with different doctors that have too many patients to get to know you individually. As the doctor-patient relationship continues to degrade due to an emphasis on profits over patients by the healthcare industry, having a personal doctor dedicated to your care can be a nice change that might just save your life, or at least let you live a longer, healthier life.

What is a Personal Physician?

A personal physician is a specific doctor that's responsible for maintaining your health. You know your personal physician and he or she knows you. Generally based on an annual fee or retainer system, personal physician services simplify the doctor-patient relationship by making one professional solely responsible for your whole health and wellness. Here are five advantage of hiring a personal physician:

1. Preventative Medicine

By focusing on overall health, wellness and fitness, your personal physician can keep most health problems at bay. By focusing on maintaining good health, patients see their wellbeing increase. They feel good, have energy and naturally resist sickness and disease.

2. Regular Check-ups

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and an apple a day keeps that doctor away, so what's keeping you from regular check-ups? If it's because you don't like a stranger practicing medicine on you, you're not alone. A personal doctor coordinates all your care including comprehensive annual physicals, diagnostic screenings and year-round support.

3. House Calls and Bedside Care

When needed, your personal physician can make house calls and perform bedside care. Whether it's at home, work or at your bedside during hospital admissions, personal doctors can be there for you each day to monitor your health and coordinate your care.

4. Access to Physician by Phone or Email

Imagine picking up the phone to call your doctor, and actually talking to a doctor. Don't wade through precious minutes or hours of voice prompts, elevator music, desk workers and nurses. With a personal physician, your doctor is only a phone call or email away.

5. More Personal Relationship

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a personal physician is the restoration of the traditional doctor-patient relationship of small-town America. Not only do you know your doctor's name, your doctor knows everything about your health history and your healthcare needs. This information allows your physician to coordinate care, refer the best specialists, maintain good health and develop a healthcare plan that's specifically designed to maintain your optimal health.

Personal physicians are becoming more popular as patients are seeing the need for a more involved healthcare experience. If you're looking for a personal doctor in Louisville, Dr. Lawrence Rueff M.D. has decades of experience in health care and internal medicine, and he's dedicated to the continued health and wellness of each and every patient; call (502) 287-1599 to learn more about the benefits of having a personal physician in Louisville!

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