How to Naturally Avoid High Blood Pressure

It's curious how what our brain tells us we want can be so different from what our body actually needs. Because of this, many people indulge in a lifestyle that is high in fat and low on exercise. While this approach won't necessarily send you immediately to the emergency room, it will eventually catch up to you. It feels almost paradoxical, the way our bodies can simultaneously feel so durable and so sensitive. It's easy to think your body can tolerate extended abuse because, well, you haven't wound up in the hospital yet. But rather than wait for an alarming incident that sends you scrambling for medical care, you can take a number of precautions that will not only reduce the likelihood of a massive health problem, but also keep you feeling good on a day-to-day basis. One indicator that you are treating your body well is through your blood pressure. There are many ways to naturally avoid high blood pressure. Here are some of the common approaches:


To help keep optimal blood pressure, you'll want to get 30-60 minutes of exercise each day. This might sound like a lot, but even just getting out for a nice, long walk can help to keep the blood pressure down. Or, if your nightly routine involves watching TV, you can stick an elliptical in front of the screen and remain in your comfort zone. Losing those extra pounds can go a long way toward lowering your blood pressure. The bottom line is that if the body isn't moving, it's going to react negatively.


The best approach is to maintain eating habits that revolve around fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat animal products. Try to avoid ingesting large amounts of cholesterol as well. A reduction in sodium, even just a small amount of cutting back, can also be helpful. When it comes to alcohol, moderation is fine. However, binge drinking can not only raise your blood pressure, but it can lead to other medical problems. A key is being deliberate in what you choose to eat and drink. The more you're able to resist acting on impulse, the more likely that you'll be making wise dietary decisions.

Stop Stressing

Of course you won't be able to cut all the stress out of your life, but at least try to alleviate the stress whenever possible. Sometimes a counselor can help. Or even simply keeping a journal. For some people, increasing physical activity is directly correlated to a reduction in personal stress.

If you're looking for ways to lower your blood pressure, be sure to get in touch with an experienced personal doctor. In the Louisville area, the expert to contact is Dr. Lawrence Rueff at (502) 287-1599. Let Dr. Rueff help you feel the best you can.

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