Can I Get a More Personal Healthcare Experience?

Personal Healthcare Experience - Dr. Rueff, MDThere's no avoiding the fact that the modern healthcare experience is a little dehumanizing. It's designed for volume, for as many people to be attended to in as little time as possible. In a lot of ways, that makes sense: especially with the Affordable Care Act, many more people than ever before have access to health insurance that grants them access to much needed care. The scale of that increased demand necessitates a very organized, impartial system to oversee it. It's not as if you'll get poor care at a hospital or a larger healthcare center. But they won't really know who you are outside of what's written on your chart either.

When it comes to your body and your health, you want to be known and treated like a human being, not just the number on your insurance card plus the sum of your ailments. That's surprisingly hard to come by! But not impossible -- all over the country, there are many outstanding doctors who feel the same way and are equally frustrated by the impersonal and assembly line nature of the larger healthcare system. Many of these doctors have gone back to a great American healthcare tradition -- acting as Personal Physicians, free from the demands of larger institutions.

Personal Physicians aren't any less qualified at caregiving than those in the standard settings -- frequently, they're more qualified! At larger health centers, you'll usually be seen by nurse practitioners, only getting to see a real M.D. if the nurse practitioner feels stumped by your questions or for more complicated procedures. Doctors in those situations are overworked and pressed for time -- and chances are they'll never have seen you before (or again) in your life. That's as aggravating for doctors as it is for patients: it takes time to establish a rapport between doctor and patient, it takes time to understand a patient's unique health concerns, and seasoned doctors who become personal physicians have that time when they're no longer being overwhelmed by a huge volume of pressing concerns.

Preventative medicine, which focuses on establishing healthy lifestyle choices and a whole-person approach to health, is too time consuming for most doctors to deal with: not so for an independent practitioner. It's all part of the standard services of a personal physician. More than that, a personal physician has extensive medical training in many fields of medicine, offering care that's as comprehensive as it is individually tailored to the patient.

Dr. Lawrence Rueff is one of the country's leading personal physicians, and if you live in or around Louisville, Kentucky, he should be your top choice. A highly credentialed specialist of Internal Medicine, Dr. Rueff has been working for twenty-five years independently of the larger healthcare system, offering the personal touch that doctors within the system simply don't have the time to provide. Call him today at (502) 287-1599 to talk to him about your healthcare needs. You'll be able to speak to Dr. Rueff directly right away!

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