Four Effective, Unusual Workouts

Unusual Workouts - Dr. Rueff, MDMost of us know by now that losing weight only occurs when you burn more calories than you consume. Anything that works up a good sweat is going to help you lose weight, and there's plenty of exercise routines to choose from. Some are a little more unorthodox than others, and provide fun alternatives to jogging, walking, and spinning. Whether you stick to one of the following unusual workouts or simply want to do something a little different on certain days, there's plenty of interesting options to try! Check it out:

1. High Heel Workout

A workout ideal for Tina Turner and anyone else who loves stilettos, sessions are led by professional dancers or podiatrists, and involve series of lunges and other exercises to sculpt the lower body. The class also teaches women how to shift their weight so they don't damage their feet and lower back while wearing heels.

2. Power Plate

Can't get rid of that muffin top? Try the "power plate" workout, one designed by trainers to whittle your middle and banish extra fat. It involves standing on a vibrating platform, or "plate," while performing assorted exercises, including side planks, crunches and push-ups.

3. Suspension Training

If you love suspension roller coasters and anything else that keeps your feet off the ground, consider nylon strap-suspension training as a form of exercise. You can control the resistance by moving your body in certain ways; such exercise is great for toning muscles and is possibly the best core workout in existence.

4. Jedi Workout

In 2009 a new way to work out came along, one based on the crazy jumps and other cool moves performed by the Jedi masters from Star Wars. It began when an artistic group called New York Jedi started performing a combination of "lightsaber techniques" and martial arts moves to create an engaging stage combat show. After the performers noticed they were getting in great shape, they decided to turn the show into a workout that includes moves such as "Force jumps," "lightsaber pulls" and "hyperspace holds." This routine focuses on developing muscle strength and lightning-quick reflexes for excellent defense against the Dark Side.

These are only a few of the many, many interesting ways to work out! Try one or a few and enjoy your exercise routine -- too many fun options exist to use the "Working out is boring!!" excuse! Have fun!

For more fitness tips or to learn about personal physician services available through Lawrence Rueff, M.D., please call (502) 287-1599 today. Dr. Rueff specializes in preventative and internal medicine, as well as disease prevention and regular physical exams.

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