Personal Physician Services in Louisville, KY

After 25 years practicing internal medicine, Lawrence Rueff, MD has begun providing personal physician services in Louisville. Witnessing a declining level of quality in medical care in recent years as medical practices increasingly focus on their bottom lines,he has decided to focus on patients & prevention by spending more time with each patient individually.

In response, and because of his passion for excellent patient care, Dr. Rueff changed his practice to that of personal physician, providing personalized health care plans to individual patients outside of what he feels is a failing health care model. The focus of the new practice is preventative medicine through a personalized health care plan emphasizing health, wellness and fitness. The goal is to avoid illness and hospitalization. But if you ever become seriously ill or injured and need hospitalization or long-term care, Dr. Rueff will be by your side on a daily basis to provide attentive care.

Preventative Medicine:

  • Health - Instead of treating problems in a short-sighted, short-term way, we focus on overall health. We believe that keeping healthy keeps problems under good control.
  • Wellness - Focusing on overall health helps patients achieve a state of wellness in which they feel good, have energy, and are motivated to continue improving.
  • Fitness - Energy from good health inspires a continuing and growing incentive to get stronger, healthier and stay independent through exercise.

As your personal physician in Louisville, Dr. Rueff emphasizes health, wellness, fitness and prevention by becoming intimately involved with your health needs. During regular office visits, you'll have easy access to in-office labs & EKG. Other tests will be promptly scheduled as needed.

Each office visit includes a significant amount of face-to-face time with Dr. Rueff, with a written summary to follow up your visit. Comprehensive physical exams occur on a regular basis, including all the necessary screenings to prevent illness and allow for early diagnoses of problems. With early detection and preventative measures, less time is spent in the hospital with more time to do what you love.

If you're looking for a great doctor-patient relationship to help restore your good health and peace of mind, call the office of Lawrence Rueff, MD at (502) 287-1599 and ask about our personal physician service in Louisville.


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