Personal Physicians Restore Doctor-Patient Relationships

  • Personal Physician in Louisville
  • Fewer ER and Immediate Care Visits
  • More Doctor One-on-One Time
  • Medicare & Private Insurance Accepted
  • General Practice
Louisville KY Peronal Physician Dr Rueff
  • Disease Prevention
  • Primary Care Physician
  • Internal Medicine
  • Family Doctor
  • Regular Physical Exams
  • 24/7 Doctor Availability by Phone
  • Preventative Medicine
  • 30+ Years Experience

Louisville primary care physician Lawrence Rueff, MD, has watched our modern health care system slowly erode the doctor-patient relationship over the last 30 years. Dr. Rueff understands how integral that relationship is when it comes to providing exceptional health care service. That's why he opened a new general practice where he offers personalized health care to patients, including disease prevention, regular physical check-ups, and immediate care. As a personal physician Dr. Rueff works one on one with patients to provide the best possible health care.

Work Directly With an Actual Physician - Dr. Rueff, MDDr. Rueff believes you should be able to speak directly with a physician when you call your healthcare provider, not an assistant or office person. As your primary care doctor, he and his staff answer your calls promptly, day or night. When you call you will not be connected to a machine or an office assistant, but with a doctor who can answer your medical questions with expertise. And there'll be no need to go to the ER or immediate care facility to see a doctor who doesn't know you - you've got your personal physician on call 24/7.

As a family doctor in Louisville, Dr. Rueff will monitor your total health, and the health of your spouse, children and other loved ones. He is able to see you in his office for general health concerns or regular check-ups, visit you in the hospital if you've been admitted, and he will assist you and your family to meet any needs surrounding long term health goals. Available every day to take care of you, and with more than three decades of successful medical practice, Dr. Rueff is the competent, compassionate and caring health care professional you've been wanting. For exceptional health care from an experienced personal physician in Louisville, call our office today at (502) 287-1599.

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